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Updated Herpes Handbook

Thanks for checking out the Updated Herpes Handbook web page. In this location, you can go to the top of the page and view the individual chapters, download the entire book and print it out at home, or purchase the handbook in it's original form.  

We hope that this small book will be helpful for you.  The online version is updated frequently, at least once a month now.  That way we can provide you with the very latest facts and research about genital and oral herpes.  

How might you use the book?  Many people have the book on hand when they share the news about herpes with a potential partner.  The facts found in the book allow a partner to learm more about herpes in a non-threatening way, and offers the words that the person with herpes may find it difficult to speak.  The book can serve as a reference for a review of facts or a place to go back to when struggling with self acceptance issues.  If a teen has questions about STDs, the book is a great reference for information about the most prevalent STD in the US.  

Good reading.